Mission Heartbeat

Beating the Odds with a Cardiac Safety Net

  • Nearly one in four Americans die from Heart disease
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women
  • Every year about 800,000 Americans have their first heart attack

A Stealth Attack—Sudden Cardiac Arrest
All of a sudden, without warning, cardiac arrest can affect anyone — even seemingly healthy adults and teenagers. If a heartbeat is not restored, the person will not survive.

Heart attacks have a way of creeping up on us. Many people know that they are at-risk, but who could ever plan when, where or if something like that might happen? Even when people have been experiencing warning signs, it’s easy to miss the signals, until it is too late… Heart attacks happen out of the blue. When they do, Mission Heartbeat makes sure that every minute matters…

Mission HeartBeat is a comprehensive fundraising campaign for Beating the Odds with a Cardiac Safety Net. The components are:

  1. Program Innovation and Leading Technology
  2. Area-Wide Safeguards like EKGs in ambulances and more AEDs in public places
  3. Patient Support with Cardiac scholarships and help with costly medications.

To learn more, make a donation or to become part of the Mission HeartBeat safety net, please call (775) 445-5161.