Lunchbox Germs Beware

Keeping your lunchbox free from bacteria can be done in four easy steps. Do you hear the school bell ringing? That’s right parents – it’s that time of year again! The new school year has arrived, which means you’re probably preparing and packing meals for your kids. You pack their meals with love, care (and hopefully vegetables) in the morning, just to see them sticky with who knows what in the evening. It’s as if a mini hurricane struck their lunchbox– the peanut butter is smeared on the right side, the orange juice took a hit and spilled all over, and there are soggy crumbs sticking all over the top and bottom of the box. You’re probably tired after a …

Returning to the Pre-Antibiotic Age?

Fifty years ago, science and medicine thought the war against infectious diseases was over thanks to antibiotics. Unfortunately, the germs had other ideas, and over the years antibiotic resistant bacteria became more and more common. It is, in fact, clear antibiotics are rapidly losing effectiveness with more resistant nasty germs popping up every day.