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Understanding & Coping With Loss

Grief. A five-letter word all of us have experienced but may not fully understand. It manifests in different ways for numerous reasons. Whether you get a pit in your stomach, feel the urge to cry at any moment, or even feel numb to all emotion, this is a way your body & mind are adjusting to a tragic event or death of someone you know. While loss is a normal part of life, it only happens occasionally, making it feel especially uncomfortable and even maybe abnormal. “It is helpful to understand that losses and stressors are not a sign that life is not working but rather is how life works,” says Grant Clowers, LCSW, Clinical Services Supervisor with Carson Tahoe …

How and Why Does the Flu Become Deadly?

Influenza is usually not life threatening unless you are at high risk for complications. However, this illness combined with a newly wide-spread staph bacteria called MRSA, has formed a deadly new threat that continues to take more and more lives every year.