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New Consortium Brings Care to Pediatric Cancer Patients throughout the Region

  Health organizations join forces to support the only locally operated pediatric cancer care practice serving children and families of Northern Nevada. Gaining access to pediatric cancer care just got easier for children and their families in our region. A new collaborative, Sierra Pediatric Blood and Cancer Consortium, is bringing full-time hemotology-oncology pediatric care to the community’s doorstep. Through this collaboration, local and rural pediatric patients benefit from services in Reno and Carson City, allowing them to receive care in their community when they need it. Prior to the partnership, treating physicians were only available in Reno on a part-time basis or required families to travel to Las Vegas, California or Utah for care. This unique opportunity brought five major …

What You can do to Prevent Colon Cancer

Did you know that 40% of colorectal cancers are preventable? People most at risk for colorectal cancers do not get colonoscopies. In fact, up to 70% of people in the high-risk category — those age 50 to 75 — don’t seek testing. That’s unfortunate, because colon cancers are more preventable than many other cancers. All colon cancers begin with a precancerous polyp, which can be removed. We can’t emphasize enough just how preventable colon cancers are. You can’t prevent breast cancer, lung cancer or brain cancer in the same way – in other words, you can’t take precancerous polyps off any of those organs. Colonoscopy must be done – it can really save people’s lives. Recent research Colon cancer could …

Honoring Loved Ones Touched by Cancer

We have all been touched by cancer in one way or another, yet it’s not often we get the chance to come together as a community to honor and support our loved ones through their cancer journey. HopeFest gives us this chance…

Detect Lung Cancer Sooner

If you are a current or former smoker and meet inclusion criteria, you should consider a low-dose CT lung screening as an early detection tool for lung cancer.

Bill Barry, Kidney Cancer Survivor

Bill Barry – When a kidney cancer diagnosis threatened to throw off his game, Bill looked to Carson Tahoe Cancer Center for help.