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Supporting Healthy Communities Through Investment in Nature and Volunteerism

The Carson Tahoe Health Community Partnership Fund was established to enable people to be a force for good—to build new collaborations and shared investments, build community capacity and community leaders, and bring like-minded partners together. The Fund provides grant assistance to projects that advance health equity by addressing the social determinants of health, and the conditions in which people live, work, play, and age.  One such grant recipient is the Nature Conservancy’s River Fork Ranch in Genoa. With support from the Fund, staff and volunteers at the Ranch inspire all generations of Nevadans to engage with and learn about the importance of preserving our natural environment.  “Carson Tahoe Health’s Community Partnership Fund has provided funding to develop a Volunteer Docent …

Challenges of The Change

The transition to menopause may bring unexpected symptoms. Fortunately, there are many ways to make this major life change more comfortable.

Vertigo? Keep It Steady

It may feel like the world is spinning, but there are ways to help stay centered.

Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass Surgery: Bypassing Open Heart Surgery

Major heart surgery doesn’t always require a big incision and a machine to take over your heart and lung function. You don’t have to know much about medicine to have heard the term “open-heart surgery,” but what, exactly, does it mean? Open-heart surgery is any cardiac procedure in which the operating team stops the patient’s heart and connects them to a heart-lung machine, which does the job for those organs during the surgery. A coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)—also known as heart bypass surgery—is one of the most common types of open-heart surgery. “Typically, patients need CABG when at least one of their coronary arteries, which deliver blood to the heart, is blocked by plaque,” says Todd Chapman, MD, FACS, …

What You Need to Know About RSV

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (also known as RSV) cases have seen an uptick in Northern Nevada. To help keep both you and your family healthy this season, we want to share information you should know about the virus and the simple ways to stay healthy: RSV is highly contagious and spreads through large infectious droplets and contaminated surfaces RSV is a major cause of respiratory illness in babies and young children Through touch and kisses, RSV is primarily passed from adults and older children (with mild to no symptoms) to infants Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the spread: Wash hands often Clean surfaces and toys with a viral disinfectant everyday Do not allow individuals with cold symptoms around your child …