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Remember This! Recent Study Shows Men are More Likely to be Forgetful

Whether you forgot to take out the trash (again) or to book a reservation at your wife’s favorite restaurant for your anniversary, take heart: Men are generally more likely than women to be forgetful. A new Norwegian study published in the journal BMC Psychology found that men forgot information more often than their female counterparts. Researchers asked 37,405 participants memory-related questions. Both male and female participants age 30 and older were asked nine questions concerning their memory and if it had changed. The results showed nearly half of the participants—more men than women—had some trouble recalling memories. Early Onset Brain Drain Researchers found that memory problems typically increased with age, but men often had issues recalling information regardless of their …

Senior Pathways

As we get older, our everyday behavior can drastically change. If you or someone you care about is experiencing an acute decrease in everyday functioning, Senior Pathways may be right for you.