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How A Stress-Free Day Helps Your Kids At Night

Make stress management a before-bed priority to help your child sleep soundly. During the past year, excessive stress has become common for many families. As a parent, you may be facing worries related to work, health, and how to manage your child’s school instruction. Please know, you are not alone in your anxiety, as many parents across the nation (and world) are feeling the stresses of the last year fighting the pandemic. Chances are, if you are stressed, your child feels it as well, and as a result, their sleep may be suffering.  According to the Nemours Foundation, stress experienced during the day can cause kids to have bad dreams as they snooze. These nightmares are how your child’s subconscious …

Care About Your Self-Care

Incorporating acts of self-care into your routine can help alleviate stress. The stress response is part of a healthy brain. When you’re stressed, your body releases hormones that cause your brain to become more alert. When your body is exposed to these hormones in short bursts, it can be helpful to complete tasks, such as meeting deadlines or problem- solving. But when no immediate danger is present and your body stays alert, it can damage your health in the long run. By practicing self-care, you are training your body and mind how to respond to stress. You are working to avoid the long-term health complications chronic stress can cause, and you are building resilience for difficult situations you may face …

Senior Pathways

As we get older, our everyday behavior can drastically change. If you or someone you care about is experiencing an acute decrease in everyday functioning, Senior Pathways may be right for you.