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Another day in the Emergency Department

By Meg Jack, MD Carson Tahoe Emergency Department Medical Director The alarm clock begins to buzz and startles my eyes open.  My day begins just like any other working person’s day.  I get myself ready thinking of the myriad of things I need to check off of my to-do list. I try not to spill coffee during my commute, but the inevitable slip-up dribble happens and I pray that it lands on the seatbelt instead of my scrubs.   I use my commute to shift from making lunches, securing ponytails, and double-checking that homework assignments are packed in backpacks to emotionally preparing for the uncertain day ahead. As an Emergency Medicine doctor, we must bring the best version of ourselves …

Carson Tahoe Health’s Emergency Department: Reimagined

Carson Tahoe Health (CTH) is proud to announce the completion of a recent renovation to the emergency department triage area.  The newly designed space maximizes resources for quick care (testing and treatment) and serves as a monitored, internal waiting area. Newly carpeted and furnished, the triage area was completed and opened to patients just last week. Over the past few years, Carson Tahoe Health’s Emergency Department has seen significant and continuous growth in their volume of patients. In 2016, the CTH team saw a little over 37,000 visits and that number has steadily increased each year. “This year we anticipate over 43,000 visits and we want to be ready to provide efficient, high quality, patient-pleasing care to our community whenever …

Carson Tahoe Health Receives $200,000 Gift to Fund Emergency Department Modifications

The Mallory Foundation, a private foundation located in Carson City, announced a $200,000 donation to fund significant modifications to the Emergency Department located at the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.