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What You Need to Know About Ebola

While there have been no reported cases in Nevada, Carson Tahoe Health is taking important steps to be prepared to address the Ebola virus, should the need arise in any of our communities. All Carson Tahoe Health facilities have existing policies and procedures in place for quickly isolating a patient who may be infected with Ebola or other infectious diseases. For the last several months, Carson Tahoe Health Infection Prevention specialists have conducted special training sessions with our hospital staff, emphasizing necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus Our regional medical center isolation rooms were designed to treat patients who have been exposed to serious infectious diseases. These rooms have unique equipment, airflow and other built-in infection control precautions. …

No Meningitis Outbreak in Northern Nevada

Local epidemiologist explains why Carson Tahoe Health is not at risk from the meningitis outbreak.

When Germs Fight Back

Doris Dimmit, Carson Tahoe Health Epidemiologist, explains why it is important to take antibiotics responsibly.

Avoid Getting Sick in Nevada with Summer Health Tips

Plague is another concern for this summer. With the rodent population sky rocketing due to our mild winter, more rodents = more fleas= higher risk of plague. Avoid handling rodents dead or alive with your bare hands and always wear gloves.

Don’t Kid Yourself, the Flu is Very Serious

Well it’s that time of year again. Like it or not a chill is in the air, the holidays are approaching and it’s time to think about influenza.