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Spectacular (and Lighter) ‘Sand Pudding’ Recipe

You may have seen the social media buzz about the ‘sand pudding’ recipe. As the ‘healthy recipe police,’ we were inspired to ask our dieticians to offer a healthy twist on this delicious favorite, without losing out on the flavor to satisfy our sweet-tooth. Enjoy this amazing, dietician-approved dessert! Ingredients: • 1 container (4 oz.) ready-to-eat vanilla pudding snack (this could be substituted with vanilla yogurt) • 1 square HONEY MAID Honey Graham, crushed • 3 TEDDY GRAHAMS Honey Graham Snacks • 2 ring-shaped chewy fruit snacks Instructions • TOP pudding snack with graham crumbs for the sand. • DECORATE with graham snacks and fruit snacks. • GARNISH with a paper umbrella, if desired.