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3 Recipes to Help You Have a Healthier Pi (Pie) Day

If you’re trying to improve your diet and think that means you’ll have to skip Pi (Pie) Day (3.14), think again.

For those not familiar with Pi Day, or Pie Day, it’s held every year on March 14 because the date is 3.14, just like the first three digits of pi, you know, that irrational number that probably drove you irrational in geometry class. And what better way to celebrate than with pie?

All food can fit into a healthy diet. The best kind of diet is a well-rounded one, looking at portion sizes and following hunger/satiety cues. Pie, on occasion, isn’t a bad thing. But pie every day, for every meal, is going to eventually show around your waistline.

A healthy pie could mean different things to different people. One person may decide to use whole wheat flour instead of white flour while another may opt to cut down on the sugar content or use a no-calorie sweetener. But no matter how you define it, moderation is still the key.

So, if you’re making pie at home, play with the recipe and make it healthier. If you’re buying pie on Pie Day, try not eating the entire crust, choose a fruit pie or find one made with less sugar or fat.

But bottom line, there are no evil foods if eaten in moderation. For those searching for a healthier pie recipe, here are three tasty options: