A Happy Delivery During an Uncertain Time | Carson Tahoe Health

COVID-19 slowed down and perhaps complicated many people’s daily lives, but one thing that hasn’t changed: mommies having babies. The thought of bringing a baby into this world can be worrisome as is, let alone having a baby amid a global pandemic. Carson Tahoe Health’s compassionate staff is always, and will always be ready to provide the best care to our moms, no matter the circumstances.

Grace Ramos recently gave birth at Carson Tahoe Health and chose to deliver here for several reasons: our beautiful campus, where each of our private delivery suites offers awe-inspiring views of the Sierra Nevada Foothills, our clean facilities, and how welcoming and safe the staff made her feel.

“I truly felt that we got the best of all worlds from Carson Tahoe,” says Ramos. “I didn’t feel like the staff treated patients as if they were coming and going, like a revolving door as it feels with the other hospitals in the area.”

As the region’s only Baby-Friendly®  designated hospital, we believe in providing a personalized, safe experience for each mom and strive to honor your birth plan. Our practices, such as skin-to-skin contact, and personalized breastfeeding support, encourage better outcomes for both mom and baby.

Living through the COVID-19 outbreak, Carson Tahoe Health’s number one priority is always our patient’s and staff’s safety, that is why special precautions were put in place following CDC guidelines to keep mommy and baby safe. This included increased handwashing, visitor limitations, and health screenings before entering the facility.

“We knew about COVID-19 before entering the hospital, but the Carson Tahoe staff made us feel as if we were the only couple there. They kept us focused on our birth experience, and didn’t let us think about or become distracted from what was going on outside our room,” explains Ramos.

Each of our private suites features a bathroom with a walk-in shower and bathtub, as well as enough space for visitors and breathing room.

Even after mom delivers, Carson Tahoe ensures you have the tools to thrive once you and your little one get home. We provide a wide range of educational classes and resources, such as newborn care and breastfeeding support. To help equip you for the weeks ahead, you will have access to a lactation specialist and a breastfeeding support group, to make the transition from the hospital to home easier.

“My husband and I definitely plan on having another baby. We loved our experience at Carson Tahoe because we felt safe even if the world was going crazy outside,” says Ramos.