A Toast! Here's to: Heidi McFadden! | Carson Tahoe Health

Talk about a stellar member of our community! Whether she’s donating her time and money to help those battling cancer in the area, or running around town with her two boys,  Heidi McFadden’s commitment to making our community a better place is BEYOND ‘ToastWorthy!”

We were able to catch up with her (and her busy schedule) to learn more about this fantastic woman!


What is your favorite part about living in the Carson Valley?

I love the small town feel.  Beautiful scenery, changing weather, summer is my favorite, so many weekend activities and events happening throughout the summer.

Tell us about the (many) community activities are you involved in?

Some friends and I started a run in Carson City in 2009, the cancer firkin sucks 5k, the firkin and fox was our presenting sponsor.  It’s grown every year and this year we enlisted the Sierra Nevada association of realtors to organize it and prime lending will be the presenting sponsor. I’m excited to say that 100% of the net proceeds this year will go to the Carson Tahoe Foundation for area cancer patients.  The Sierra Nevada association of realtors will do a great job and I’ll continue along with them. This year the cancer sucks 5k will be Saturday, October 5th. More info at snar.org or just contact me!

Tell us about what makes these organizations/activities special to you?

I find myself volunteering myself or my husband often.  He likes it too, he says he doesn’t but he keeps doing it.  Although the run has become my very favorite project, mainly because it was something my friends and I started together, serving the community in some way has always been something I’ve done and I think it just becomes a habit like going to work, or going to the gym…you just keep going. I’m hoping it rubs off on my kids.

Any advice for those in the area looking to support the community?

There are places everywhere, just reach out. So many runs have popped up over the years here locally and they are all for great local causes or fundraisers for families in need.  I used to be involved with the 20-30 club and through that i learned about how many kids in Carson City alone are homeless or come to school hungry. Your local food closets are always looking for volunteers.

Favorite vacation spot?

ANYWHERE! Doesn’t matter as long it’s a vacation!

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A LAWYER, although I’m glad I’m not. I love the flexibility with my job.  I try to stay very involved with my boys, one is starting high school next year and one is potty training! My oldest keeps me pretty busy with school, scouts and sports and my youngest is 2 and he never stops and he keeps us laughing.  I’m very blessed.

Guilty Pleasure?

ICE CREAM, wine….mostly ice cream


I love Crossfit, I go to CrossFit RAD in Carson City off Curry.  I’m lifting barbells and climbing ropes, things I never would have done on my own. If I could go every day I would!

Heidi currently lives in Carson City with her husband and two boys. She works as a REALTOR and office manager at Realty Executives Nevada’s Choice