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Family Fun: Can You Dig It?

If you’ve been looking for an active, creative way to spend time with your kids or grandchildren, planting a vegetable garden is an ideal spring and summer project rich with teachable moments, exploration, and adventure—right in your own backyard. Don’t have a yard? Don’t worry. Many veggies and herbs can be grown in pots, small planters, or large containers—anywhere they can soak up the sun—be it on a deck, patio, or windowsills throughout the house. No matter if you’re growing tomatoes, flowers, or lifelong memories, gardening is an easy way to enrich the lives of every member of your family by learning how to bring “yard to table.” Studies show children who help plant and care for homegrown vegetables at …

Don’t Let the Flu Come for You

Flu season is here. Protect yourself & others by getting your flu shot.

What’s “Joint Commission Accreditation” and Why Does it Matter?

Stringent health care standards support improved patient outcomes

What’s an “Advance Directive” and Do I Need One?

Advance directives set course for end of life decisions

Why Don’t I See My Primary Care Doctor When I’m Admitted?

Hospitalists vs. primary care physicians…there’s a time & place for both