Why Don't I See My Primary Care Doctor When I'm Admitted? | Carson Tahoe Health

Why Don’t I See My Primary Care Doctor When I’m Admitted?

When you go to the hospital, you receive treatment by a “hospitalist.”  A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in the care of patients in the hospital.  Hospitalists have completed the same schooling and training as primary care physicians – the only difference is that they treat patients inside the hospital.  Patients in the hospital are treated by hospitalists instead of primary care physicians because hospitalists:

1. Have more expertise in providing care for hospitalized patients who have complicated issues on a daily basis
2. Are more familiar with the hospital’s policies and procedures
3. Are more available during the day to meet with patients’ family members
4. Can track test results and issue follow-up tests faster
5. Provide care that is more conducive to patients staying in a hospital, allowing primary care physicians to spend more time with daily office visits
6. Are available 24 hours a day if immediate care is needed
7. Can also see their patients multiple times per day to monitor their care and to explain any test results to patients and their loved ones

Hospitalists work closely with your primary care physician, emergency department physicians, and/or specialists to provide a seamless transition, from admission to discharge and outpatient follow-up. Carson Tahoe Health has 22 hospitalists on staff to care for patients staying in the hospital.

For more information on what to expect at a hospital visit, go to: https://www.carsontahoe.com/patient-information.html