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Carson Tahoe Health’s Planned Construction
Transforming Medical Campus

If you’ve been by Carson Tahoe’s Medical Campus lately, you may have noticed a large connector bridge between the Regional Medical Center (RMC) and Sierra Surgery. 2019 marked the start of several major renovations and expansions to the not-for-profit’s medical center campus since opening in 2005. Now, after much dirt was moved, rocks relocated, cranes at work, and steel placed … the new walkway bridge has finally taken shape and the basic structural connection is complete. After years of planning & budgeting, Carson Tahoe broke ground on several projects in October 2019, beginning the first phase of its ten-year master campus improvements including an expansion of the emergency department and a 2-level enclosed walkway connector between the RMC and Sierra …

Carson Tahoe Asks For Community Support In ‘Sponsor A Caregiver’ Campaign

We are now approaching a full year of coordinated efforts to address and minimize the spread of COVID-19. This has presented challenges to many … including health systems near and far. Early this year, Carson Tahoe Health began to pivot service lines and conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). Its staff has worked tirelessly to take care of the community. As time has gone on, they’ve seen the real effects of wearing a standard N95 mask 8-12 hours a day including: rashes, breakouts, harsh sores, and pressure impacts on the skin. “N95s fit snuggly and over time, they start to leave indents and bruising on your face,” said Carson Tahoe ICU nurse, Alysha Chiasson BSN RN CCRN. “Taking care of COVID patients has been physically …

Navigating COVID with a Disability

It has been nearly six months since the country first started to shelter in place to avoid the potential spread of COVID-19. While many companies race to find a vaccine, we continue to adapt to our new normal. Obviously there is nothing normal about wearing masks and keeping a strict six-foot distance from one another, but we do our best to stay positive, productive, and keep our health in check. Staying healthy might be more challenging for those with small school-aged children, those with pre-existing conditions, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Having an impairment doesn’t necessarily put you at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19, however, there are certain disabilities that can make illness more complicated. For example: people …

When Germs Fight Back

Doris Dimmit, Carson Tahoe Health Epidemiologist, explains why it is important to take antibiotics responsibly.

Avoid Getting Sick in Nevada with Summer Health Tips

Plague is another concern for this summer. With the rodent population sky rocketing due to our mild winter, more rodents = more fleas= higher risk of plague. Avoid handling rodents dead or alive with your bare hands and always wear gloves.