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Carson Tahoe Asks For Community Support In ‘Sponsor A Caregiver’ Campaign

We are now approaching a full year of coordinated efforts to address and minimize the spread of COVID-19. This has presented challenges to many … including health systems near and far. Early this year, Carson Tahoe Health began to pivot service lines and conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). Its staff has worked tirelessly to take care of the community. As time has gone on, they’ve seen the real effects of wearing a standard N95 mask 8-12 hours a day including: rashes, breakouts, harsh sores, and pressure impacts on the skin.

“N95s fit snuggly and over time, they start to leave indents and bruising on your face,” said Carson Tahoe ICU nurse, Alysha Chiasson BSN RN CCRN. “Taking care of COVID patients has been physically exhausting because they are extremely sick and require consistent & thorough care.”

As Carson Tahoe prepares for the long haul of COVID-19 & ensuring the safety of our staff and patients, they’ve looked towards the future. Cue the reusable N95 Envo mask.

The Envo mask & filter:

  • Provide a superior seal against germs and viruses
  • Utilize AIRgel to minimize skin irritation for the caregiver
  • Reduce waste with a frame that can be reused for up to 5 years
  • Ensure PPE lasts to protect caregivers and patients, despite the current inconsistency of global supply chains

For $75, you can purchase an N95 Envo mask + 2 months of filters for a Carson Tahoe Health frontline caregiver. 

“Support from our community is critical to making it through this long journey!” said Amy Hyne-Sutherland, Carson Tahoe Health Director of Community Partnerships & Legacy Giving. “These Envo masks for our caregivers will solve a number of problems at once, as they provide a better seal, are softer on the skin, and can be reused for up to 5 years. For those able to give in this difficult year, this is a really powerful way to support the individuals who work tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy.”

A sponsorship today supports the health of Northern Nevada as we stand together to face this global health emergency.

“Fortunately, we have an amazing community that has reached out to help us in multiple ways,” Chiasson said. “We will continue to show up to work every day to get through this, just as we have been. But, more than ever, we need their support by trying to help us slow the spread. The virus doesn’t move, people move and people are moving this virus. Please wear a mask, please keep your distance.”

Looking for a gift for the person who has it all? Sponsor a caregiver on behalf of a loved one, and Carson Tahoe will send a certificate to the gift recipient, sharing with them your generosity and impact. 

We have a big goal: 1,000 caregivers sponsored in 90 days. And, we’ve already begun!

“I admire what [Carson Tahoe staff does] every day of the week to help men, women, and children of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay,” said Gil Yanuck, a Carson Tahoe Health system board member. He and his wife Annette donated 10k to kick start the initiative. “I was in the aerospace business for twenty-five years. I sent some of our products to the moon and back but that does not come close to saving a person’s life or bringing a new baby into this world. Annette and I give this gift to support our frontline caregivers, and with the hope that the hospital can continue to care for our community.”

Will you join us to give the gift of health this season?

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