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Carson Tahoe Minden Medical Center Unveils New Entrance & Facility Upgrades

Carson Tahoe Health (CTH) is pleased to announce that Phase I of the Minden Medical Center (MMC) remodel has been completed and the new, south-end entrance is fully operational. Please note that the old west-side entrance is no longer available for patient access, everyone is now directed to the south entrance. Patients visiting the newly remodeled center will experience easier navigation of Emergent Care and Lab services, streamlined registration processes, and spacious interior areas for added comfort. “Now that Phase I is complete, we are starting on Phase II, the renovation and relocation of laboratory services and prepping for the remodel of the Imaging area,” said Michelle Joy, Chief Operating Officer at Carson Tahoe Health. “Currently, while Phase II renovations …

Carson Tahoe Minden Medical Center will Soon Unveil New Entrance & Facility Upgrades

Carson Tahoe Health (CTH) is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Minden Medical Center (MMC) remodel is on schedule to be completed by Monday, March 26. This part of the expansion project includes central access through a new south end entrance allowing easier navigation of Emergent Care, Lab, and Imaging services for patients in Douglas County. Phase 2, beginning as soon as Phase I is complete, is slated to be finished by mid-August 2018 and will focus on relocating and expanding the current lab area. Once that’s done, the existing imaging area will get a well-deserved facelift. These upgrades, designed to foster the best possible healthcare experiences, will provide greater convenience, streamlined processes, and enhanced interior areas for …

Heart Attack Symptoms may be More Atypical in Women

Dr. Stephen Tann, interventional cardiologist at Carson Tahoe Health, spoke with Reno Gazette-Journal writer, Maggie O’Neil, about the various symptoms women may have during a heart attack. Read the full story below… Women and men can experience different symptoms when it comes to heart attacks, but any chest pain lasting longer than 30 minutes should be taken seriously by both sexes, said Dr. Stephen Tann, an interventional cardiologist at Carson Tahoe Cardiology. However, there are some studies that suggest subtle differences in heart attack symptoms exist between the sexes, with those experienced by women sometimes described as “atypical” particularly when compared with the symptoms experienced by men. “Women are less likely to have the classic heart attack symptoms of crushing …

Caring Beyond the Hospital Walls

At Carson Tahoe Health, we care for the whole person. In order to do so, we understand that people’s needs extend beyond the hospital walls.

Hip Pain Causes, Risks & Treatments

Dr. Jeffrey Cummings with Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Medical Clinic specializes in arthroscopy and sports medicine. He took some time to answer questions about common causes of hip pain, diagnosis and treatment options.