Caring Beyond the Hospital Walls | Carson Tahoe Health

At Carson Tahoe Health, we care for the whole person. In order to do so, we understand that people’s needs extend beyond the hospital walls. That’s why we offer free support and guidance to patients and their families at the Cancer Resource Center, the Merriner Cottages and the Women’s Health Institute.

Cancer Resource Center

At the Cancer Resource Center, the first step to recovery is to replace fear with hope. The dedicated staff helps patients regain the control that a cancer diagnosis strips away. Along with a Nurse Navigator, the support team helps every step of the way, becoming “hope coaches” for diagnosed cancer patients. Additionally, patients can join support programs that help patients regain strength, enhance comfort and get them on the road to recovery. The Resource Center contains a full lending library, a volunteer staff of cancer survivors, a cosmesis room for wigs and camisoles, massage tables and an education center to help navigate the journey.

From helping make sense of the mountain of medical bills to helping people understand their specific diagnosis and treatment, the Cancer Resource Center is there for every cancer patient, regardless of where they are being treated.

The Merriner Cottages

Rural patients deal with even greater challenges when it comes to receiving long-term cancer  treatment, because of the cost of traveling away from home for long periods of time. To help these patients concentrate on their healing,  the Merriner Cottages eliminates the financial burden of travel by providing a home-away-from-home, in Carson City, for patients and their families undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments – all free of charge.

Click here for more information on the Cancer Resource Center or call (775) 445-7500.

Women’s Health Institute

Another free support resource of Carson Tahoe is the Women’s Health Institute (WHI). As Northern Nevada’s premier center for women of all ages, the WHI provides programs, education and resources to help people live healthier lives and navigate the system when they do need medical care.

Women are the primary medical decision makers in their homes, yet they often lose sight of their own health needs while caring for their families. Healthcare decisions are important to everyone and, with the support of the WHI, women are able to better understand the impact of important issues and seek wellness support for achieving a more balanced lifestyle.

By fostering knowledge through educational seminars, personalized navigation and a variety of wellness resources, the Women’s Health Institute leads our community to healthier, happier and more productive lives.

The Health Navigator is available to help guide all patients, not just women, through the entire health system, no matter the circumstance, call (775) 445-5169 or by emailing [email protected]

Supporting Local Cancer Patients

Please join us at Hopefest on Friday, September 7 and help us raise money to support local cancer patients. 100% of funds raised will directly support things like the cost of gas to get to treatment, co-pays, expensive medicines, etc.

Thanks to the generosity of two awesome musical groups Mo5aic and The Cutters, our food and drink sponsors, Firkin & Fox and High Sierra Brewing Company and Dick Campagni—who is offering $10,000 in cash or a new car for the HopeFest raffle—you can come, have fun AND make a real difference in the lives of local cancer patients.

This week, July 23-27, 2012, the WHI is our featured raffle sponsor. Stop by 1470 Medical Parkway, Suite 250 in Carson City, NV and buy your new car raffle ticket. To see other locations where raffle tickets are sold, call (775) 445-5166.