The Latest in Cancer-Fighting Technology | Carson Tahoe Health

At the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, an affiliate of Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah and accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, we believe convenience in health care is paramount. When it comes to our patients’ health, comfort, and well-being, we never stop seeking new, effective ways to better their care journey.

Last month, our Carson Tahoe Radiation Oncology group, who have been serving the Carson City area for over 30 years, upgraded all of their radiation-delivery technology to the latest and greatest radiation therapy system available for treating cancer. This type of therapy is considered a ‘local treatment’ and works by damaging the DNA in the cancer cell, therefore disabling the cancer cells from reproducing and growing. The end goal? The cancer cells die, the tumor shrinks, and that patient gets back to doing the things they love most.

The new Siemens Confidence RT PRO dual-energy large bore CT scanner (yes, we know that’s a mouthful), combined with the latest version of Varian’s Eclipse Treatment Planning System and TrueBeam linear accelerator, will allow us to treat the majority of cancer sites where radiation therapy is appropriate. This new tech is unique because it provides us incredibly accurate imaging in order to better plan and pinpoint precise radiation. When it comes to diagnosis & treatment, we always have our patient’s health and comfort in mind. The TrueBeam linear accelerator runs quietly, offers built-in music capabilities, and allows our patients to be in constant two-way communication with their physician during the process. Joe Herrick, M.S., DABR Director of Medical Physics at Carson Tahoe Radiation Oncology Associates says, “Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult, no doubt. We’re happy to now offer this advanced technology for an overall better care experience, with the best outcomes.”

This new technology gives our physicians the ability to treat a variety of complex cancer cases. “For our cancer patients, this new technology delivers accuracy, speed, and comfort during their radiation therapy treatments, “Herrick says. “The new accelerator can target the center of the radiation beam to less than 1 mm avoiding healthy tissue and is capable of delivering a dose more quickly so the patients will spend less time on the treatment table.” With the TrueBeam linear accelerator, cancer patients are able to heal with fewer sessions of conventional radiation therapy (dependent on type of tumor), lowering their risk of side effects.

We are glad to have been able to install these new accelerators at our Cancer Center. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we are able to provide the latest in cancer-fighting technology for our cancer patients.

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