What is 3D Mammography? | Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe is thrilled to announce that patients in Douglas County will now have access to leading-edge 3D Mammography (also known as tomosynthesis) technology, exclusively at the Carson Tahoe Minden Medical Center.

We’ve all heard time and time again that the best defense against breast cancer is early detection. Annual screening mammography provides patients with the best chance for detecting cancer in the earliest possible stages. Furthermore, research has shown that 3D Mammography specifically, is one of the most advanced forms of diagnostic tests available for the screening of breast cancer, especially for women with dense breast tissue (which is estimated at 40% of women nationwide).

Interested in learning how this new, cutting-edge technology works?

Simply put, digital mammography with tomosynthesis produces high resolution, 3D slices of the breast producing X-ray images that display even the most finite details. The resulting images help to decrease false positives, while increasing a patient’s chance for early detection, compared to older, traditional mammograms. The ability to detect breast cancer at a smaller size and earlier stage increases survival rates, decreases the overall cost of care and treatment, lowers recall rates and essentially eliminates unnecessary anxiety for women who previously needed to return for additional imaging. All women may benefit from tomosynthesis, especially those with dense breast tissue, since it can mask cancers and/or lead to false positives.

The FDA approved 3D mammography in 2011, and the American College of Radiology released their endorsement in 2014 saying, “Tomosynthesis has been shown to improve key screening parameters when compared to digital mammography.” 2D+3D mammograms have been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as crucial diagnostic technology and is a covered benefit. Most private insurers traditionally follow Medicare coverage policies, but we encourage patients to consult with their insurance company prior to screening.

At Carson Tahoe Health, we’re dedicated to educating and empowering women to take charge of their health. This advanced screening tool, offered exclusively by CTH, will aid our community in the early detection of breast cancer through clearer images and better outcomes.

Where can I find this innovative technology?

3D Mammography is available for Douglas County patients at 925 Ironwood Drive in Minden. Beginning in early August, this technology will also be available to patients at the new Carson Tahoe Breast Center on the Regional Medical Center campus.

Please call (775) 445-5500 to schedule an appointment in Minden or Carson City, or click here to review additional 3D Mammography and insurance FAQs.