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6 Backpack Safety Tips (and our favorite picks!)

Back to School! It’s happening even SOONER this year for Nevada schools, which means, it’s time to prepare and SHOP for all the back to school necessities. It’s important to know that the products you are buying should last (and outlast) an entire school year- especially pricier items like lunch boxes and backpacks. We’ve compiled some simple and easy tips to get your kids packing and ready to begin the 2013/2014 school year!


  1.  Choose the right sized pack. Choosing an adult-sized backpack is not very logical for a child- the backpack is designed to fit a much larger back, which long-term, can cause serious back pain to a child if used. Fit the backpack to your child’s back in the store- a general rule of thumb is that when the shoulder straps are adjusted so they are snug, the bottom of the backpack should be two inches above your waist.
  2.  Lighten your load. Don’t let your kids carry every toy, gadget or book they can fit into their backpack. A filled backpack should weigh no more than 15% of your body weight to prevent back injuries (multiply your child’s weight by .15 to get the maximum weight they should carry). Carrying extra items in your arms helps balance the weight on your back as well.
  3.  Lift with your legs. Teach your child to lift with their legs- not only is it a good rule of thumb for lifting anything heavy, but it will also help them prevent long-term back injuries at a young age.
  4.  Position your pack properly. This one can be difficult- if the trend is a sagging backpack; your child is inadvertently harming their lower back from the poor distribution of weight. Using only one of the straps places unnecessary strain on your children’s shoulder as well. Wearing it with both straps, positioned in the middle of your child’s back is the best way to prevent unnecessary strain
  5.  Get and stay fit. Make sure your child spends time playing outside- not only is this good for their overall health, but it helps keep them fit. This is important because once they start wearing a backpack again for school; it won’t be a shock to their body.
  6.  Set a time limit. This is important because carrying a backpack all day can really strain a back, adult or child. Make sure you reiterate that they should be removing it once in a classroom, or not carry it when possible. The less you carry a heavy backpack, the better your back will feel!


We hope these tips will help your child/children this back to school season! Happy backpack buying- and remember, a proper fit, lighter load, and less carrying time will help your child/children’s back(s) in the long run!


And in-case your wondering what OUR favorite pack-picks for the season are, we’ve picked out some of our favorites below!


Lunch box- World Market, $20

Backpack- Billabong, $60

Backpack- Shark, $72 yesstyle.com

Lunch box- Aquarius Bacon Lunchbox, $17 wayfair.com

Backpack- Jansport, $35

Lunch box- Gap, $18

Backpack- Poppie Jones Canvas Backpack, $30 dsw.com