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A Love Story: As Told By Bill and Shelby Frankmore – Part One

We are so thrilled and excited that northern Nevada’s favorite “news couple” decided to sit down with us and share their lovely happily ever after… with a few surprises along the way!

Bill and Shelby- The Beginning

It was 1998, she came from the Bay Area, he came from Denver and together they were the “New Hires” at KRNV News 4 in Reno, NV…

“I was up for two job positions, one in Reno and the other in Madison, Wisconsin,” said Bill. “I originally wanted the one in Madison, but when the Reno station sent me a tape of the newscast and I saw Shelby… I was intrigued.”

And so, there they were at his first company-wide meeting where he spotted the lovely blonde from the newscast sitting on the floor wearing a University of Colorado sweatshirt. Bill was excited that he had something immediately in common with her to get the conversation going- Colorado.

A conversation about Colorado quickly transformed into a friendship and while both were in separate relationships at the time, they frequently found themselves making plans and doing things… together.

One Year Later

After a year of sharing many meals, conversations, breaking news headlines, early morning cups of coffee and becoming single- this friendly and fun platonic relationship with a coworker matured into a deep-rooted understanding, respect, and attraction for one another.

“What’s funny is that since we were such good friends, once we started dating, we were talking about getting married three months later,” said Shelby. “I never had any doubts or feelings like it was moving too fast, it felt completely right.”

Seven months later, Shelby was reporting from a local “Toys R Us” store on the day after Thanksgiving. As she wrapped up her report with a “back to you” to the morning anchor, the station said they had “just one more question.”

Listening in her earpiece, she was surprised to hear Bill’s voice, as he wasn’t the morning anchor at the time. She was even more surprised to hear Bill’s voice asking her to marry him, on live television.

“Of course I said yes!” said Shelby. “And, it was really neat because it was a holiday weekend, the proposal was picked up by all our other affiliates so our out-of-town families and friends were able to see it.”


Twelve years of marriage, two adorable sons, Ryan (7) and Jack (6) and approximately three thousand newscasts later, the Frankmores enjoy calling northern Nevada home to their exquisitely planned schedules, despite offers from larger market stations.

“We’ve really fallen in love with the area here and have felt that this is been such a great place for us to raise our family,” said Shelby. “This is really where we want to be at this stage of our lives and we’re lucky to end up here.”


There is still more surprises, and additions to come from this family, but in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked Bill and Shelby if they had any love advice to share:


Shelby: “I think we’ve been able to be successful because when it comes down to it, we are best friends. And Bill is funny and keeps me laughing.”


Bill: “I agree with her, I mean just the other day I had the opportunity to go with one of my really good friends to a basketball game, and all I could think is that I wanted to go with Shelby instead. She is someone who is really compassionate and generous.

Stay tuned for more from the Frankmores on parenting, working and a “little something” else they’ve been working on.