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Anonymous Donor Matches Up to 25k in ‘Sponsor A Caregiver’ Campaign

After a month of fundraising, Carson Tahoe has raised over 42k towards supplying reusable ENVO N95 masks for their frontline workers. Now, an anonymous donor has offered a match, allowing donors to double their impact. That’s right, every new ‘Sponsor A Caregiver’ gift received until Feb. 21 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to 25k.

“As a retired registered nurse and watching the COVID crisis explode, it seems only natural to help out our first responders and the Carson Tahoe Health team,” said a major donor who chose to remain anonymous. “They are dedicated to our community and go well beyond the scope of what they are asked, delivering compassionate care in times of crisis. Just as they take care of us, it is critical we take care of our caregivers.”

After nearly a year rigorously addressing the community’s increased medical needs due to the spread of COVID-19, many healthcare workers are fatigued. As time has gone on, they’ve seen the real effects of wearing a standard N95 mask 8-12 hours a day, multiple days in a row including: rashes, breakouts, harsh sores, and pressure impacts on the skin. As a not-for-profit organization, Carson Tahoe depends on community gifts to help support the acquisition of advanced equipment and technologies that are not part of everyday operations. The newly designed ENVO N95 masks are NIOSH and FDA approved, reusable, more comfortable, have a secure soft fit, and offer replaceable filters.

“The purpose for going above and beyond standard disposable N95 masks is to give our employees an option to use a superior product that is reusable and soft, while still providing the protection they need,” said Amy Hyne-Sutherland, Carson Tahoe Health Director of Community Partnerships & Legacy Giving. “An Envo mask allows our frontline workers to minimize skin irritation, reduce waste with a mask frame that can be reused for up to 5 years, and help ensure our personal protective equipment lasts so that we can continue to care for our community.”

Carson Tahoe has a big goal: 1,000 caregivers sponsored in 90 days. They’ve already begun, and raised enough money for more than 553 caregivers to don an Envo N95 mask.

For $75, you can purchase an N95 Envo mask + 2 months of filters for a Carson Tahoe Health frontline caregiver. And now, that gift will be matched by an anonymous donor.

A sponsorship today supports the health of Northern Nevada as we stand together to face this global health emergency.

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