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Carson Tahoe Health Expands Robotic Surgery Services

In November 2017, Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center (CTRMC) debuted the da Vinci Xi® Surgical System, the most advanced iteration of a robotic platform, for gynecological procedures.  Building upon the significant success in the implementation of this new technology, Carson Tahoe is pleased to announce it is now offering minimally-invasive general robotic surgeries for procedures such as ventral and inguinal hernias.

“Robotic-assisted surgeries have profoundly changed the way surgeons operate,” says Michelle Joy, Chief Operating Officer at Carson Tahoe. “It is a great tool for our surgical team, and it’s helping them produce outstanding results for patients as well.”

The da Vinci Xi® has proven to be easier on the patient than traditional open surgeries, requiring smaller incisions and reducing blood loss. From the patient perspective, da Vinci-assisted surgery means shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

“The da Vinci Xi® doesn’t take the place of the surgeon,” says Joy. “Rather, it enhances their abilities.”

Structured with four arms mounted on an overhead suspension, the da Vinci Xi®, coupled with a mobile bed, lets the surgeons maneuver patients into the ideal position and allows them to the reach more areas of the body than ever before. The robotic system can also rotate to practically any position, giving surgeons even more flexibility and accuracy. In addition, the system is equipped with immersive high-definition, three-dimensional visualization of the surgery site giving the surgeon the ability to see more detail than is possible with the human eye. The combination of better viewing, precision surgical tools, and ability for small incisions result in less blood loss and pain, fewer complications, and a faster return to normal daily activities.

Next on the docket – urological surgeries. Carson Tahoe staff urologists will begin using the robot later this spring and come summer; they will welcome the addition of a new, da Vinci-trained urological surgeon from Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. He will be joining Carson Urologists and will be using the system to perform several types of surgery, including removal of the prostate to treat cancer.