Carson Tahoe Health’s Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center Honored by Human Services Network

Carson Tahoe Health is pleased to announce Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center was recognized Thursday, Jan. 9 for its diligent efforts in advocacy, community connections, and support for those experiencing a mental health and/or substance use crisis. The 31st Annual Human Services Awards named Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center Agency of the Year.

“Carson Tahoe Behavioral Health Services (BHS) was incredibly honored to receive this award,” said Christina Sapien, Director of Carson Tahoe Behavioral Health Services. “Our team of outstanding mental health professionals work hard to meet the needs of the people we serve.”

The mission of the Human Services Network (HSN) is to create connections, share information, strengthen providers, and support and advocate for good public policy thus assuring the provision of quality human services in Northern Nevada. Annually, the organization honors people and organizations throughout the region who actively participate in its mission within their own fields and professional careers.

In 2019, HSN named “access to healthcare and mental health” one of their top legislative priorities. Additionally, Carson Tahoe Health once again saw the need for mental health services bubble to the top of its Community Health Needs Assessment Survey, completed in 2019. Supporting Mallory BHS is just one way to support the region’s efforts in workforce development, crisis services, and the expansion of treatment options so that each and every member of the community has access, should they need it.

“It is humbling to work with these dedicated champions who promote mental health services and advocacy to serve many individuals in mental health or substance abuse crisis,” Sapien said. “Our relationships with local Sheriff Departments and other community partners have been strengthened as a result of our joint efforts.”

Since opening in January 2017, the Carson Tahoe Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center (Mallory) has served as a safety net for the community, through immediate psychiatric help and paving a pathway for patients’ recovery. In 2019, a generous multi-year pledge of $800,000 by the Mallory Foundation (bringing their total support of Carson Tahoe to over $2 Million) allowed for the expansion of Carson Tahoe’s Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center, more than doubling the center’s capacity for treatment.

“Before Mallory opened their doors, patients experiencing a psychiatric crisis had limited treatment options,” said Michelle Joy, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and at Carson Tahoe Health. “Most patients ended up in the emergency department or jail. Many were kept in the Emergency Department on psychiatric hold for up to six days until a bed was available in a treatment facility.”

To learn more about the comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach of the Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center, visit

Located at 775 Fleischmann Way in Carson City, the Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center can be reached directly at (775) 445-8889, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Law enforcement, Emergency Responders, and Emergency Rooms may also directly phone the center to triage anyone who is in mental health and/or substance use crisis. Additionally, community providers can also refer potential clients to the center.