Carson Tahoe Prepares for Hazardous Air Quality

Carson Tahoe Prepares for Hazardous Air Quality

Carson Tahoe is taking proactive steps to prepare and protect patients in response to the heavy smoke conditions in our area from the King Fire.  Air quality is expected to remain moderate to poor for the next several days.

Precautions being taken include consolidating entrances at the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center (CTRMC) and Carson Tahoe Specialty Medical Center (CTSMC). These inpatient care areas have been equipped with air scrubbers and fans which have effectively maintained good air quality within the facilities.

Carson Tahoe Health recommends that community members:

  1. Stay inside
  2. Refrain from exercising outdoors
  3. Don’t use vacuums or gas stoves
  4. Keep windows and doors closed
  5. When driving your car in smoky areas, keep your windows and vents closed, make sure it’s set to re-circulate so you’re not bringing in outside air.

Source: American Lung Association

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