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The HEART of This Community!

As we wave goodbye to National Heart Health Month, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the remarkable people in our community. People who weave together our story of a caring, supportive and loving community. People who think of others in their time of need. People who empower Carson Tahoe Health to save lives. George and Barb Allison are just such people. They make a contribution to the Foundation every February and have given generously to the hospital since 1999, supporting many projects such as the purchase of an Automatic  External Defibrillator (AED) for Douglas Country Search and Rescue and Carson Tahoe’s Cardiac Rehab Scholarships. This family has deep ties to our community, the Hospital, and cardiovascular health. …

Honoring Loved Ones Touched by Cancer

We have all been touched by cancer in one way or another, yet it’s not often we get the chance to come together as a community to honor and support our loved ones through their cancer journey. HopeFest gives us this chance…

Caring Beyond the Hospital Walls

At Carson Tahoe Health, we care for the whole person. In order to do so, we understand that people’s needs extend beyond the hospital walls.

Carson Tahoe Health Receives $200,000 Gift to Fund Emergency Department Modifications

The Mallory Foundation, a private foundation located in Carson City, announced a $200,000 donation to fund significant modifications to the Emergency Department located at the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

CTH Foundation, in partnership with Carson Tahoe Health Retire Cancer Center Debt

In 2005, the CTH Foundation borrowed approximately $12, 250, 000 to undertake the entire construction cost of the Cancer Center. Since 2000, when the need for a cancer center was identified and fundraising activities implemented,  the Foundation has raised over half of the construction costs through charitable gifts from the generosity of the community. We are pleased to announce that in October, CTH and the CTH Foundation jointly retired the Cancer Center debt and the Foundation signed the building over to Carson Tahoe.  Since opening in 2006, this state of the art, fully-accredited facility, that includes our award-winning Cancer Resource Center, has provided hope and healing to over 35,000 grateful patients and family members annually.  The construction of the Cancer …