Honoring Loved Ones Touched by Cancer | Carson Tahoe Health

We have all been touched by cancer in one way or another, yet it’s not often we get the chance to come together as a community to honor and support our loved ones through their cancer journey. HopeFest gives us this chance…

While it’s fun to enjoy an evening with live music, food and drinks, HopeFest also features an opportunity to pay tribute to friends and family members whose lives have been touched by cancer, by writing a personal message and then planting a flag in the Healing Flag Garden.

Last year’s Flag Garden touched many people throughout the year, and we’re hoping to continue the tribute this year.

“Just walking into HopeFest past the garden filled with flags was so moving and powerful to me…” Suzzette, Washoe Valley

“Having lost my mom to breast cancer and my husband to prostate cancer, planting flags in their honor meant the world to me.” Nancy, Carson City

“The flag garden…WOW!” Thomas, Gardnerville

Flags can be purchased for a minimum donation of $5 and will be available in multiple colors (representing the different types of cancer, see below for full list).  Each HopeFest attendee will have an opportunity to buy a flag and, much like the luminaria at Relay for Life, write a message to the loved one the flag is honoring.  Cancer survivor Diane Rush feels the importance of the Healing Flag Garden, “Cancer has touched many members of my family over the years, some who are not with me anymore. I love the idea of buying a flag in their honor and planting it in the garden among others who have felt the effects of cancer…memorializing their journeys.”

One of the event organizers, Kitty McKay, explains, “The Healing Flag Garden is a way for us to gather as a community and share our earnest hope for one another. By doing this together, the magnitude of our healing wishes will be felt even more strongly.” After HopeFest, the flags will remain planted as an on-going tribute. Additional flags will be available for purchase at the Cancer Resource Center after the event.

Please come and honor your loved ones with the purchase of one or more flags.  Each person’s participation adds to the visual tribute and healing impact that this show of support will have for our community’s cancer patients.

Flag colors by Cancer Type

Breast Pink
Prostate Light Blue
Lung White
Bladder Yellow
Colorectal Dark Blue
Kidney Orange
Head and Neck Red
Childhood Gold
Other Purple

For more information about Hopefest, click here or call ( 775) 445-5161.