Dealing with Sleep Disorders | Carson Tahoe Health

Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine Specialist, Faisal Ahmad, MD

Do you constantly feel tired? Do you have to take naps to make it through the day? Do you feel like you need more sleep when you wake up in the morning? Do you fall asleep at work? Does your significant other complain about your snoring?

If you think any of these questions apply to you, you may have a sleep disorder known as Sleep Apnea. People with untreated Sleep Apnea often stop breathing several times an hour causing disrupted sleep, awakenings throughout the night and a tired feeling upon awakening in the morning. According to the Nation Institute for Health, more than 12 million people are affected by Sleep Apnea, and many more people remain undiagnosed given the lack of awareness of the disease by the public and physicians.

It is important to treat Sleep Apnea for many reasons. Sleep Apnea causes excessive daytime fatigue, which can impair daily function. It can cause errors at work, headaches, and the inability to concentrate. Motor vehicle accidents are more common amongst patients with Sleep Apnea. From a health standpoint, Sleep Apnea is associated with high blood pressure. Untreated Sleep Apnea puts people at risk for heart attacks, strokes, as well as nighttime sudden cardiac death. Untreated Sleep Apnea is also associated with diabetes mellitus.

If you or anyone you know answers yes to any of these questions, you may have undiagnosed Sleep Apnea. Please see your healthcare provider for a referral to a Specialist that has knowledge of Sleep Disorders.