Even Better Care | Carson Tahoe Health

By adding neurosurgery and electrophysiology, Carson Tahoe Health continues to expand its services so you won’t have to travel far for specialty care.

Through a strategic partnership with Battle Born Brain & Spine (BBBS), Carson Tahoe patients now have access to advanced neurosurgical care close to home.

“Neurosurgery is a service we have been looking at expanding for years,” says Allen Fink, DO, MHA, CPE, FACEP, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Carson Tahoe. Patients who need procedures such as complex spine surgery, reconstructive surgery, advanced stroke care, and treatment for spinal tumors, brain bleeds, and head injuries no longer need to be transferred to more distant facilities.

Neurosurgeon Sina Rajamand, DO, of BBBS will serve as Medical Director of Neurological Services for Carson Tahoe.

“I’m happy to partner with Carson Tahoe in providing the greater Carson City area with a full spectrum of neurosurgical options,” Dr. Rajamand says. “Our patients will now have the ability to be treated locally with these complicated, often emergency, services, and I’m excited to lead this effort.”

Dr. Rajamand received advanced medical training from Columbia University, Midwestern University, and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Cardiac Services Expanded

Cardiac services at Carson Tahoe continue to grow as well. In addition to interventional cardiology and openheart surgery, Carson Tahoe now offers electrophysiology services from new electrophysiologist Jeffrey Turner, MD.

“We believe you shouldn’t have to travel far from home to receive advanced care, which is why it was important to bring Dr. Turner into the Carson Tahoe family,” Dr. Fink says. “We’re excited to now offer electrophysiology services to Quad-County residents.”

Electrophysiology is different from other forms of cardiac care, as it deals with the electrical impulses of the heart. When these impulses are not functioning as they should, irregular heart rhythms result. While some arrhythmias are not dangerous, some can cause serious, potentially fatal health problems, such as blood clots, heart failure, and stroke.

Carson Tahoe’s new program offers ablation, a procedure that targets heart arrhythmias.

“We access the heart from the arteries and veins with minimally invasive tools called catheters to map the electrical system of the heart and treat abnormal pathways,” explains Dr. Turner, who completed his medical training at Ohio University and also has a background in biomedical engineering. Dr. Turner also provides additional treatments and diagnostic testing for irregular heart rhythms.

To learn more about the new services offered at Carson Tahoe, visit www.carsontahoe.com.