Ever Gone To Urgent Care And Found Out You Were Sicker Than You Thought? No Problem. | Carson Tahoe Health

Ever Gone To Urgent Care And Found Out You Were Sicker Than You Thought? No Problem.

Carson Tahoe Health Passport Program makes your journey to care easier.

Carson Tahoe Health’s Passport Program was implemented nearly a year ago to allow patients in need of a higher level of care to bypass duplication of wait times and to streamline the registration process.

“If you arrive at one of our Clinics at Walmart or one of our Urgent Care facilities, and it’s determined that you need a higher level of care, our staff will call the Emergency Department (ED) to let that Care Team know that you’re headed their direction,” said Kitty McKay, Carson Tahoe Health Mission Integration Director. “You will be given a ‘passport’ to help identify you and simplify your experience upon arrival.”

This unique program takes advantage of CTH’s integrated health system and strives for a more cohesive path that allows patients to receive the appropriate level of care in a timely manner.  There are times when a patient accesses a Walmart Clinic or an urgent care, and it’s determined that they require more advanced care from an emergency room. During these situations, it is understandably difficult to direct the patient to a second facility for their care. With this in mind, in 2018 a team made up of ED leadership, registration staff, the patient experience team, nurses, and providers all came together to establish a better, more streamlined process.

“This new collaborative way of thinking is not only helping our patients,” said McKay. “The Passport Program has also enhanced how well we work together, facilitating a more integrated Care Team.”

Improving the health and well-being of our community has been our mission for over 70 years. During this time, we have continuously strived to align our goals with that of our community. By implementing innovative ways to enhance the patient experience, such as the Passport Program, we are creating opportunities to effectively address community concerns while advancing the care model.

To learn more about using the appropriate level of care and to see Carson Tahoe Health’s locations, please visit CarsonTahoe.com/Care.