Carson Tahoe Health & Carson Rotary Celebrate Labyrinth Anniversary & Community Partnership | Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe Health & Carson Rotary Celebrate Labyrinth Anniversary & Community Partnership

Today marks 13 years since the opening of the outdoor Labyrinth located at the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center. The unique space was made possible through a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Carson City. In 2006, under the leadership of past president Rafael Cappucci, the Rotary Club contributed $75,000 to build the Labyrinth, and gave another $200,000 in support of the Cancer Center project over a four-year period.

“We are truly grateful to our dedicated community partners,” says Alan Garrett, President & CEO of Carson Tahoe Health. “Although I’m new to the community, it’s evident how much the Rotary Club has given to our region, and specifically, to Carson Tahoe. Collaborations such as the one we have with the Rotary are essential to improving health and wellness. The labyrinth is especially meaningful as we care for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.”

Carson Tahoe Cancer Center was the first (and is still the only) healthcare facility in Northern Nevada to construct and implement a Chartres-like labyrinth to complement traditional cancer treatment. The 36-ft. in diameter labyrinth is just one feature in Carson Tahoe Cancer Center’s healing environment.

“A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path,” said Robert Ferré, owner and director of Labyrinth Enterprises. He’s built and installed more than 800 labyrinths that are similar to the Carson City Labyrinth. “The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world, so in actuality, a labyrinth is a tool, a gateway or physical entry point to the energy and truth that lie beyond the visible.”

Carson Tahoe Health would like to express gratitude to Carson City Rotary Club not only for what they have contributed to CTH but what they continually do to support our community.

“In the coming months, we plan to ask our club membership to consider some restoration work on this labyrinth, under Ferré’s guidance. The Nevada sun has washed out the color in the lines, and it’s going to need some meticulous hand work to bring it back to it’s original state,” said Gary Jesch, Director of the Rotary Club of Carson City. “This seems like a worthy project for our Rotary members to work on, with people from the community and Carson Tahoe Health.”