How to Work Out in Your Car | Carson Tahoe Health

5 moves to get fit while sitting behind the wheel

Being stuck in traffic is a bummer. But your commute (or school pickup queue) can be used for a completely legit workout, too. You’ll alleviate the boredom and take out some serious frustration, to boot. Just remember: These isometric exercises are meant for when the car is at a complete stop. Safety first!

Work Those Glutes
Sit up straight, squeeze your buttocks together and pulse…50 times. Rest for five seconds and repeat. This can improve circulation and balance out part of that afternoon vending-machine meltdown.

Tighten Those Abs
Place your hands on the roof of your car, sit up straight and pull your belly button in toward your spine. Contract abs and hold for 15 seconds. Rest for five seconds. And repeat. You’re not only working your core but also engaging your arms as well.

Strengthen Those Shoulders
Place your hands at 9 and 3. Press your shoulders together with the arms straight, pushing against the wheel. Contract in (holding for one second) and out (resting for one second). Repeat 20 times. Remember to relax and elongate your neck.

Squeeze Those Thighs
Place your feet on the floor of the car with your legs together. (Again, when the car is in park.) Press the knees together and pulse. Repeat 50 times.

Get That Heart Rate Up
Turn up the radio and channel your inner Rocky by faux-boxing to the beat. Make a fist with each hand and extend one at a time, crossing the body in rapid movements. Engage the abs for a one-two punch (see what we did there?) of cardio and obliques.



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