Influenza is Still Here | Carson Tahoe Health

Jeffrey Basa, MD, FACP

Flu season has hit Northern Nevada.

Jeffrey Basa, MD, FACP, a doctor of Internal Medicine at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, discusses Influenza and why you should be on alert as we make our way through winter.

Every year when the weather turns cold, Influenza hits northern Nevada. Hopefully you received a flu shot, but if you didn’t, Dr. Basa encourages you to be on the lookout for these symptoms.

“Flu symptoms can hit you fast,” said Dr. Basa. “You may feel fine in the morning and sick by noon. It is often associated with a high fever, chills, dry cough, sore throat and extreme fatigue or body aches.”

If you are showing signs of any of these symptoms, Dr. Basa warns that you should stay home until the flu has passed, drink plenty of fluids, take over-the-counter fever reducing medications, and if warranted visit your family physician.

“There are some things you can do to help avoid catching the flu,” said Dr. Basa. “Influenza is transmitted by touch and droplets. Wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, and take care around those displaying flu-like symptoms.” It’s not too late to vaccinate, but remember it takes up to two weeks for your body to develop immunity after getting the shot.

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