Painful Knees? Here are 3 Great Low-Impact Exercises! | Carson Tahoe Health

Painful Knees? Here are 3 Great Low-Impact Exercises!

Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, orthopedic surgeon at Carson Tahoe Health, specializes in shoulders, knees and sports medicine. He shared some valuable low-impact exercises to maximize fitness and minimize joint pain.


It is important as we age to get regular exercise, but in a smart way. A low- impact exercise regimen will help you maintain your muscle tone (which protects your joints, tendons and muscles), and most importantly, keep you healthy.


  • A great low-impact, high calorie burning exercise is rowing. Whether on land or in water, it is a super efficient workout. It not only works your arms, it also works your core muscles and lower body. Overall it’s a great toning exercise. Be sure you are rowing using proper form and technique to avoid potential injuries.


  • Low weight training is very effective in exercise. By using weights 10 lbs. or less, you are alleviating pressure to your joints, while at the same time, strengthening your muscles. There’s a variety of at home exercises you can do with low weights as well, making it an ideal exercise for those who don’t like the gym. Some of these include bicep curls, triceps dips and hammer curls in reps of 10. When doing so, focus as much as possible on your form and technique-not the weight. These exercises can even be done without weights and will provide the beneficial toning from resistance-based movement.


  • Swimming is one of the best low-impact fitness activities. Exercising in water provides beneficial resistance to your joints and the gentle pressure aids in the development of joint fluids. This is important because it helps your joints move smoother throughout your day. As with any exercise, technique is key. Poor technique can lead to injuries. Most local aquatic centers should offer a basic technique lesson if you are new to the sport.



We hope these three exercise examples help you exercise smarter and prevent injuries. Happy fitness to you!