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How to be a Better Early Riser

Ugh, waking up. Sometimes it can feel like the hardest thing we do all day! However, an energetic and productive start to your morning can leave you feeling motivated and more alert throughout the day. Check out this article offering some tips on how to be better at getting up and out of bed!   1. Stretch Slow stretches like yoga poses or simple twists, help your body reenergize gently. These moves also focus your mind, washing away the haziness that sometimes accompanies early wake-up calls. 2. Exercise Once you’ve had a moment to wake up, doing a few exercises to get your blood flowing is a great way to start the day. Anything from crunches to a brief spin on …

Fall Superfoods!

This past weekend we welcomed a new season, some brisker weather and even the area’s first snowfall! As the seasons change, so do our preferred produce choices, which is why Kim Mason, a registered dietician at Carson Tahoe Health, shares some of the best ‘superfoods’ to incorporate into our meals this autumn. Apples The harvest season for apples is between August and November, making this prime time to enjoy some of your favorite varieties. Whether it’s Macintosh, Washington Red or a Pink Lady, they make a wonderful snack choice!  With 4 grams of dietary fiber and a flavonoid-rich skin, apples are an A+ fall superfood! Squash Move over summer squash! Fall and winter squash offer a finer and sweeter flavor …

Five for Friday

Here are five random – yet useful – bits and tips for you to take with you through your weekend! We hope it’s a relaxing and beautiful one for you and your family! 1. Try cherries for a post-workout snack Cherries are a natural anti-inflammatory. Try having them as a post-workout snack for beneficial muscle recovery and to help alleviate any workout related pain. 2. Clean your kitchen sink! Your kitchen sink is dirtier than your bathroom – There are typically more than 500,000 bacteria per square inch in its drain; the faucet, basin, and sponge are crawling with germs as well. (via) 3. Add a paper towel to your salad The paper towel will absorb the excess moisture and keep your lettuce …

West Nile Virus Found in Northern Nevada…Fight the Bite!

Mosquito larva infected with West Nile Virus has been identified in several Northern Nevada counties.

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes Recipe

Tasty, healthy, easy recipe!