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Carson Tahoe Health & Carson Rotary Celebrate Labyrinth Anniversary & Community Partnership

Today marks 13 years since the opening of the outdoor Labyrinth located at the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center. The unique space was made possible through a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Carson City. In 2006, under the leadership of past president Rafael Cappucci, the Rotary Club contributed $75,000 to build the Labyrinth, and gave another $200,000 in support of the Cancer Center project over a four-year period. “We are truly grateful to our dedicated community partners,” says Alan Garrett, President & CEO of Carson Tahoe Health. “Although I’m new to the community, it’s evident how much the Rotary Club has given to our region, and specifically, to Carson Tahoe. Collaborations such as the one we have with the …

How To: Drive in Winter Conditions

Ok, we know… you learned how to drive when you were 16… but in case you don’t happen to have your Driver’s Ed handbook handy, we thought we’d provide you with a quick refresher on winter weather driving. The cold weather and pending harsh conditions require everyone to be more aware and to take additional measures to be as safe as possible on the roads. Driving in Snow and Ice If there is a blizzard or extreme snowfall, the best advice is to not drive if at all possible. If you can, wait until snow plows and sanding trucks have had a chance to do their work. It’s also important to allow for extra time driving. Rushing in this weather …

Woman’s Best Friend: Dogs Being Trained to Sniff Out Ovarian Cancer

The amazing and compassionate staff at the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center shared with us this incredible article. It details a new way of how cancer can be diagnosed earlier…by using our beloved four-legged friends, dogs! By the time ovarian cancer is found, it’s usually too late to save the patient. Buried deep in a woman’s body, it has no telltale signs, and we doctors have no standard tests to diagnose it early. Over 14,000 women die of ovarian cancer every year in the United States, but like many cancers, it has a characteristic odor – one that the common household dog can be trained to detect before it’s too late. At the University of Pennsylvania, using tumor specimens donated by …

Caring Beyond the Hospital Walls

At Carson Tahoe Health, we care for the whole person. In order to do so, we understand that people’s needs extend beyond the hospital walls.

Bill Barry, Kidney Cancer Survivor

Bill Barry – When a kidney cancer diagnosis threatened to throw off his game, Bill looked to Carson Tahoe Cancer Center for help.