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Another day in the Emergency Department

By Meg Jack, MD Carson Tahoe Emergency Department Medical Director The alarm clock begins to buzz and startles my eyes open.  My day begins just like any other working person’s day.  I get myself ready thinking of the myriad of things I need to check off of my to-do list. I try not to spill coffee during my commute, but the inevitable slip-up dribble happens and I pray that it lands on the seatbelt instead of my scrubs.   I use my commute to shift from making lunches, securing ponytails, and double-checking that homework assignments are packed in backpacks to emotionally preparing for the uncertain day ahead. As an Emergency Medicine doctor, we must bring the best version of ourselves …

E.R. or Not? How to be a Savvy Healthcare Consumer

When it’s 7 p.m. on a Friday evening and you don’t think you can wait through the weekend to see your doctor, where should you go for treatment? If you guessed the emergency department, think again. The emergency department is one of the most expensive places to seek non-emergent healthcare. Ideally, patients should try to be seen by their primary care physician first, but illnesses don’t always strike during normal office hours. Learn about the differences between medical clinics, urgent care centers, and emergency departments before you need care, so you know where to go when you need it. Your physical and financial health will benefit. In addition to your primary care office, you have four basic options for care: …

5 Great Ways to Love Your Heart and Your Life

The American Heart Association provides information on “5 Ways to Love your Heart.”

The Flu- When to Stay Home & When to Seek Treatment

Running to your doctor’s office or emergency room is not always the best choice for the flu.

Hip Pain Causes, Risks & Treatments

Dr. Jeffrey Cummings with Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Medical Clinic specializes in arthroscopy and sports medicine. He took some time to answer questions about common causes of hip pain, diagnosis and treatment options.