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And the Beat Goes ON… Keep your heart pumping and your mind calm

It’s no secret we have collectively experienced unanticipated changes (and challenges) in the last year. Whether you are adjusting to working from home, having to be a parent AND teacher to your children, or unable to gather with family and friends … it’s definitely been a time to adapt and cope. Many of these coping mechanisms may have negatively affected us either emotionally or physically. With that said, it’s more important now, than ever before, to listen to your body. Heart health, whether it’s tied to your mental health or your atomical heart, is crucial to maintaining your well-being. For years, studies have shown a connection between emotions and heart health (a.k.a. the brain-heart relationship). The University of Wisconsin Health …

5 Great Ways to Love Your Heart and Your Life

The American Heart Association provides information on “5 Ways to Love your Heart.”

Healthy Chicken Soup

Diabetes friendly and heart healthy chicken soup recipe

Carson Surgical Group’s One-Stop Shop Supports Best Vascular Surgery Outcomes for Patients

Dr. Kevin D. Halow, MD, Surgeon at Carson Surgical Group explains the benefits of hybrid operating suites

Heart Surgery Through the Wrist?

Interventional Cardiologist , Dr. Stephen Tann demonstrates the Radial Approach to stent placement.