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Carson Surgical Group’s One-Stop Shop Supports Best Vascular Surgery Outcomes for Patients

Dr. Kevin D. Halow, MD, Surgeon at Carson Surgical Group

First, let’s start by defining what “vascular disease” is. Vascular disease is the term for any blockage within blood vessels that prevents blood from the heart from reaching the extremities. When extremities don’t get oxygen from the blood, serious complications can arise that could lead to death if left untreated. Don’t panic…Thanks to today’s advanced vascular techniques, more patients have hope for a healthy future. One of the most recent and exciting technological advances includes something called a “hybrid operating suite.”We caught up with Dr. Kevin D. Halow, MD, Surgeon with Carson Surgical Group, who performs procedures using our region’s first & only hybrid operating suite to learn more about this state-of-the-art technology.

What is a Hybrid Operating Suite?
Hybrid operating suites combine the conventions of an Operating Room (OR) with highly technical state-of-the-art endovascular imaging equipment. From simple angioplasty or stenting of an artery to complex reconstruction of the blood vessels, patients with vascular problems can benefit from the innovative Hybrid OR, which combines the latest technological advances to create a new standard of care.

How do Patients Benefit from Hybrid Operating Suites?
The hybrid operating suite creates new opportunities to combine endovascular and open surgery into one operative episode. In other words, it is much more convenient and comfortable for patients because you don’t have to worry about moving from one room to another for different procedures – it can all be done in the hybrid suite.

“Because of our excellent imaging capability – the FlexMove system, which provides 3-D modeling and reconstruction of vascular structures – we can place stents or grafts without performing an extensive open surgery,” says Kevin D. Halow, MD, Surgeon with Carson Surgical Group. “Minimized surgical incisions result in less postoperative pain and shorter recovery times, helping patients return to full activity sooner.”

Here are the top 7 benefits the hybrid operating suite has to offer for patients:

• The entire diagnosis and treatment process can be completed in the Hybrid Operating
• Shorter procedure time, length of stay, and recovery time after vascular surgery
• Less radiation and anesthesia exposure
• Lower risk for infection
• Shorter stays in the Intensive Care Unit.
• Enhances patient safety and outcomes
• Makes treatment more cost-effective and efficient

Considering the size of Carson City, it is very exciting that we are able to house the region’s only hybrid operating suite right here in our community.

“There’s no need for patients to leave town to have access to some of the most advanced, less-invasive vascular procedures,” says Dr. Halow. “It’s all available right here, so patients can stay close to home and still get the treatments they need.