The Mallory Foundation Contributes to Healthcare Experiences at Carson Tahoe Health | Carson Tahoe Health

The Mallory Foundation Contributes to Healthcare Experiences at Carson Tahoe Health

With this recent $500,000 gift, the Mallory Foundation and family have contributed a total $1.7 Million to the hospital since 1989, and will be forever recognized for their legacy of support.

Famous worldwide for their inventions, patents, and products in the automobile and marine industries, the Mallory Foundation and its leaders recognize innovation and excellence when they see it. Their discerning eye for expertise, coupled with a heartfelt commitment to support the needs of the people of Northern Nevada, has made the Foundation a longtime supporter and friend to Carson Tahoe Health.

Following their most recent $500,000 gift, it was with honor that Carson Tahoe Health announced today that it will be renaming the hospital’s emergency department in tribute to these community champions.

The “Mallory Emergency Department” will feature a new entrance, designed with safety and ease of access in mind, that will build upon the improvements of the recently renovated “Mallory Foundation Triage Lobby,” which was made possible by a $200,000 gift from the Foundation in 2012.

“The legacy of the Mallory family, both in terms of their contributions to industry and to the lifesaving impact they continue to have on the people of Northern Nevada, is an inspiring story that reaches back in our nation’s history and forward into our community’s future,” said Kitty McKay, Development Director of the Carson Tahoe Health Foundation.

In the 1920s, Marion Mallory was a renowned entrepreneur and distinguished leader in the automobile industry. At one point, he was second only to Thomas Edison in patent holdings. His state-of-the-art ignition products allowed cars to travel in the coldest, Arctic temperatures, and he even designed the ignition system for the world’s first Ford V-8 engine in 1932, with Henry Ford himself. His daughter, Jean Mallory, then built upon the family’s proud heritage by channeling her philanthropic passions into the creation of the Mallory Foundation in Carson City.

“He was a visionary, and looked for emerging markets for his ingenious, next generation products,” McKay added. “And his children cared deeply about our area. We are humbled to be so generously supported by these innovative benefactors, who share our commitment to delivering a compassionate patient experience, in the most technologically advanced way.”

In addition to recognizing the lifesaving impact of supporting Carson Tahoe Health, the Mallory Foundation’s trustees also share deep-rooted personal connections to the health system. In fact, Trustee Riley Beckett’s grandchild was one of the first babies born at the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, shortly after opening in 2005.

Construction on the Mallory Emergency Department will begin this month and is expected to be complete by August 2015. As always, patient care is Carson Tahoe Health’s top priority, and patients will still have access to the Emergency Department through the main entrance during construction. For more information, call (775) 445-5165.