Time To Eat? It's Not Just What, But When. | Carson Tahoe Health

If you want to eat healthier, you may want to consider when you are eating in addition to what you are eating, according to a recent study. The research from Journal of the American Heart Association shows that eating starchy sides with meals raised the risk of heart disease and cancer, while eating small servings of fruit in the morning and at lunch, and vegetables at dinner, lowered those risks.

However, eating vegetables at lunch did not seem to have the same positive result. The study recommends:

  • Eating fruit in the morning and vegetables at night
  • Avoiding traditional lunches with refined grains, cheese and cured meat—i.e., sandwiches
  • Sticking with whole grains, yogurt, fruit, and nuts for lunch
  • Skipping starchy snacks like crackers or potato chips entirely
  • Looking for dark green, red, and orange vegetables for dinner and pair with legumes
  • Trying dairy snacks, like yogurt or low-fat cheese, after dinner may help you sleep better

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