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Carson Tahoe Offers Newest, Most Advanced Technologies to Diagnose & Fight Lung Cancer

Lung cancer often has few symptoms in its early stages, so screening is important for early detection and treatment. Carson Tahoe uses state-of-the-art technology, including low-dose CT lung scans and electromagnetic bronchoscopy to detect and diagnose cancer more quickly and accurately than with other methods.

Low-dose computed tomography (CT) scan
Sometimes called “CAT scans,” low-dose CT scans are used to see lesions—or “spots”—inside the lungs. Studies show that early detection using low-dose CT reduced lung cancer death rates by 20 percent in high-risk populations.

Those who are at high risk for lung cancer include:
• Smokers
• Firefighters
• People with a family history of lung cancer
• Workers who have been exposed to potentially cancer-causing materials such as asbestos

You may qualify for a discounted low-dose CT cancer screening ($149) at Carson Tahoe Health if you have any of the following risk factors:
• History of lung cancer
• Are a current smoker or have quit within the past 10 years
• Significant exposure to secondhand smoke
• Exposure to other cancer-causing chemicals (e.g. asbestos, radon, etc.)
• Have a 20 or more “pack-year” smoking history:
Pack-years = Packs of cigarettes smoked per day × Number of years smoked
For example:
One pack a day for 30 years = 30 pack-years
1 × 30 = 30

Two packs a day for 15 years = 30 pack-years
2 × 15 = 30

To find out if you qualify for this test or to make an appointment, call (775) 445-5500.

superDimension™ Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)
Nearly 2/3 of all lung lesions (“spots”) are outside the reach of a traditional bronchoscope. The superDimension™ ENB, an alternative to traditional bronchoscopy, uses 3-D imaging, GPS-like technology, and a small, flexible catheter to examine the lungs and take tissue samples.

Benefits of superDimension™ ENB:
• Provides for earlier diagnosis and better treatment options than traditional methods
• Can be done as an outpatient procedure, typically in a few hours or less
• The core technology for superDimension™ extend beyond the capabilities of the traditional bronchoscopy to distant, previously inaccessible regions of the lungs, enabling physicians to locate small lung lesions (“spots”) for diagnostic testing and to place markers for future treatment
• Can be performed on patients who, due to health or age, cannot undergo other examinations such as surgical biopsy
• Minimally invasive procedure

To schedule an appointment or for questions, please contact the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center directly at (775) 445-7500 or by email at [email protected]