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12 “Fruit”-tastic New Ways to Prepare Fruit

March is National Nutrition Month. Indulge in these fruitful tips…

1. Make ice cream with one ingredient: a frozen banana!

It’s completely natural and guilt-free. Take two to four ripe bananas, peel them, and let them sit in the freezer for an hour. Then slice them up and pop ‘em in the blender! You’ll end up with a smooth, yummy treat. If you’re feeling frisky: Add two tablespoons of peanut putter or chocolate chips. (Or both!)

2. Nix the stem with a straw.

3. Cut up the watermelon you plan to use for a fruit bowl, and then use the hollowed out melon as a cute bowl!

4. Here’s how to make dried fruit, broken down by each fruit:

5. The easiest way to tell if an avocado is ready to eat:

6. Add fruit to your ice cube tray to add some sweetness to your water.

7. Here’s how to keep sliced apples from turning brown after you’ve cut into them:

8. Instead of using a juicer, take a pair of tongs and squeeze down on a lemon half to get the juice out.

9. To make mini caramel apples, use a melon baller.

Carve out bite-sized apple pieces easily, pop a stick in them and dip into the caramel. Then let them harden in a cupcake holder!

10. Here’s a non-messy way to slice up your mango:

11. Have a fruit fly problem? Use fruit against those nasty fruit flies:

Here’s how it works: Slice a few pieces of banana and mix those with some leftover mango peels, then place them in a small container and stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the top. Use something sharp and small to poke a hole in the center, and within a few days, they should all be trapped inside. You can then pop a real top over the container, and say good riddance to them.

12. For a refreshing and delish treat, place a line of grapes on a skewer, pop them in the fridge, and serve them as frozen grape kebabs at a party.

Or, ya know, just on your own at your house, because these are seriously amazing. And here’s a bonus hack: If grapes aren’t your thing, try sliced pineapple instead — it tastes wonderful when frozen!

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