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If your family is a bunch of carrot lovers, they will love these unique recipes that benefit from the veggie’s hearty texture and natural sweetness. If they normally turn their noses up at carrots and run in the other direction, they’ll never have to know they’re on the menu! Leaving just a vibrant, orange hue behind to blow its cover, carrots blend seamlessly into these fun and delicious recipes.

1. French Fries

Does your family love fast food? Put a healthy twist on their favorite greasy side by baking up a batch of carrot fries. You can’t get any easier than these Baked Carrot Fries from 2 Teaspoons, which call for just three ingredients and 20 minutes of cook time. The low-calorie snack is a smart way to quell the afternoon munchies or a fun way to serve up a side of veggies at dinner.

2. Carrot Smoothie

For a refreshing morning sip, blend up these refreshing carrot smoothies. Kids will love the bright orange color, and the sweetness of the orange juice covers up any vegetable taste — even the pickiest of eaters will gulp them down! The whole family will get a hefty dose of vitamins for just 55 calories a glass.

3. Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Bake delicious bakery-style cupcakes right in your kitchen with this recipe from chef Debbie Adler, owner of celeb-favorite Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes in Los Angeles. Motivated by her son’s severe allergies, Adler’s recipes are completely safe for those with food intolerances — and these moist, flavor-packed cupcakes are no exception. The gluten-free carrot cakes are topped with a creamy, vegan vanilla bean cream cheese frosting for the perfect dessert.

4. Carrot Noodles

Run a carrot through a spiralizer or create thin noodles with a veggie peeler and you’ve got a low-calorie, gluten-free, nutrient-packed pasta alternative. This Carrot Noodle Stir Fry from Inspiralized pairs a carrot noodle base with broccoli florets, grilled chicken, and zesty ginger for a flavor-packed meal with 25 grams of filling protein and a hefty dose of vitamin A and C, all for under 300 calories per serving.

5. Carrot Hummus

Whip up this homemade hummus and have it on hand for a quick and easy snack throughout the week. Served with sliced veggies and pita chips, the carrots add a dose of sweetness to the traditional dip. It’s a fun bite for the lunchbox or the office!

6. Carrot and Ginger Soup

Just a tiny bit of heart-healthy olive oil adds a creamy texture to this super simple first course for an al fresco dinner — while keeping the calories at a manageable 105 per bowl. The soup has a vibrant color that looks great ladled into crisp white bowls and topped with a dollop of cream, and is sure to impress your guests with its fresh flavor.

7. Mac and Cheese

The ultimate family favorite gets a healthy makeover by blending in vitamin-rich sweet potatoes and carrots for an even creamier comfort-food dish. Serve it up in ramekins for a perfectly-portioned meal.

8. Carrot Zucchini Muffins

Swap store-bought muffins filled with hidden sugars for a batch of these healthy muffins from the Nutrition Twins. These juicy muffins secretly pack a double-veggie punch, providing almost half the daily quota of vitamin A plus a dose of iron, calcium, vitamin C, and fiber as well. Kids won’t even notice they’re getting a serving of vegetables; in fact, they may just come hopping back for seconds!




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