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Carson Tahoe Health Celebrates 100 Robotic-Assisted Surgeries

Since debuting the da Vinci Xi Surgical System in November 2017, Carson Tahoe’s expert surgeons have performed over 100 robotic-assisted surgeries.

Building upon the significant success in the implementation of this new technology for gynecological procedures, Carson Tahoe has expanded to offer general robotic surgeries and urological procedures.

“By incorporating robotic-assisted surgeries into our offerings, we’ve been able to provide exceptional, minimally-invasive care for qualifying patients,” says Michelle Joy, Chief Operating Officer at Carson Tahoe. “The robot is proving a great tool for our surgical team, and it’s helping them produce outstanding results for patients.”

The da Vinci Xi has proven to be easier on the patient than traditional open surgeries, requiring smaller incisions and reducing blood loss. From the patient perspective, da Vinci-assisted surgery means shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

These patient benefits are simply a result of the procedural advantages that come from operating with the da Vinci Xi.

From a console adjacent to the operating table, the surgeon can see the surgical field in high-definition 3-D and control the movements of the robot’s instrument-tipped arms.

The arms bend and rotate just like a human wrist but with a greater range of motion. The flexibility and precision of the robot, as well as a mobile bed that lets the surgeons maneuver the patient into the ideal surgical position, allow surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures in areas of the body that would be difficult to reach otherwise.

Incredibly adaptive and precise technology, combined with physician expertise, means that the healthcare options are becoming more expansive and the capabilities are nearly endless.

“Healthcare will continue to evolve and Carson Tahoe is committed to be on the forefront, ensuring our community has access to the latest technologies for generations to come,” Joy says.

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