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Carson Tahoe Health Introduces Anterior Hip Replacement

Carson Tahoe Health is proud to announce the addition of direct anterior (DA) hip replacement surgery to its surgical capabilities, allowing patients the option for a minimally-invasive procedure with a quick recovery time.

Anterior hip replacement, an alternative to traditional approaches, is performed through a small incision made at the front of the hip. With this approach, the surgeon enters the hip between rather than cutting through muscles, which can minimize tissue injury and improve postoperative rehabilitation time. Multiple studies have now shown that recovery is quicker with the direct anterior approach, and in some instances, allows patients to discharge home the day of surgery.

The addition of anterior hip replacement will allow patients in the greater Carson City area to receive the less-invasive surgery without having to travel out of the area. Dr. Chad Watts, Orthopedic Surgeon for the Reno Orthopedic Clinic (ROC), and on staff at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, has led the implementation of the anterior hip replacement surgery program, which is currently up and running.

“I was first exposed to the direct anterior approach in 2011 when I was a resident at the Mayo Clinic,” Watts said. “I subsequently did a fellowship in hip and knee replacements, where direct anterior hips were a major focus, and have been utilizing it for nearly all hip replacements since I began practicing in Reno two years ago.  My patients from the Carson area are excited to be able to now have the surgery done closer to home.”

Watts will be holding an introductory lecture about the procedure called “Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement”. The lecture is open to the public and will be held on Thursday, March 28 from 6 -7pm at the Carson Tahoe Health & Wellness Institute (1470 Medical Pkwy, Ste. 250).

On-site media opportunities will be available at the lecture or contact Erin Meyering at (775) 445-5164 to coordinate an interview with Dr. Watts.

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