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The Carson Tahoe Health Foundation Establishes The Community Fund

The Carson Tahoe Health Foundation is pleased to introduce a new initiative—The Community Fund—established to serve as a resource for patients and families facing financial hardship, who might not otherwise seek the medical treatment they need and deserve.

In June of 2018, Dr. Rex Baggett, a retired local physician who has served the community in private practice and in volunteer roles for nearly 50 years, donated $100,000 to establish the Carson Tahoe Health Community Fund Endowment. While additional donations have helped the fund to grow, the annual returns from the endowment are dispersed to local patients in need, in the Carson, Douglas, Lyon, and Story County area. The foundation began distributing aid from this fund in February 2019.

The Carson Tahoe Health Community Fund distributes gas cards, food vouchers, and additional aid as needed. As the fund grows, the Foundation plans to expand the types of assistance provided to have the greatest possible impact on the health—and hope—of the greater Carson community.

“Having the ability to access the Carson Tahoe Health Community Fund allows Carson Tahoe staff to help the patients with services that are not always within our reach,” said Karen Durbin, Director of Integrated Care. “Often times, it is not complex detailed insurance benefit interventions that someone needs assistance with; it is more at the human level. Accessing this fund may be just what someone needs to get through the day or be pointed in the right direction.”

The assistance this fund provides is personal and goes “beyond the hospital walls.” It’s for folks like elderly patients who traveled many miles to reach the hospital, now unsure how they will afford their next tank of gas. A neighbor living on a fixed income, unable to afford the prescriptions needed to get better. Or even a parent who brings a sick child in for care and now has to spend their grocery money on co-pays.

Carson Tahoe Health’s amazing employee donors can also designate their donations toward this fund as well. “I am so excited about the new CTH Community Fund! It’s never easy being on the receiving end, and the thought that my donation, no matter how small, could help with another’s burden, made me happy,” said Diane Rush, Director of Marking. “So many people just need something positive in their lives in order to make it through hard times. I think the concept of CTH Community Fund is spot on, and I know the need is great.”

“As a regular donor to the Carson Tahoe Health Foundation, I was thrilled to be able to direct my contributions towards the Carson Tahoe Community Fund,” said Dr. David Tillitt, Carson Tahoe Health Emergency Physician. “I have known Dr. Baggett since my first day working in the CTH Emergency Department in January, 1995.  This Fund will be a fitting tribute and legacy to Dr. Baggett’s generous contributions towards improving the health and well-being of so many patients in our community.”

The Carson Tahoe Community Fund launches just in time for Nevada’s Big Give. This is a day-long initiative to unite Nevada in giving. To learn more, or donate, visit