DIY Sidewalk Paint | Carson Tahoe Health

Looking for a great way to get the kids outside and let their inner artists shine?  Check out this great recipe for DIY sidewalk paint that’s simple, fun, and easy to clean up!

Materials you’ll need:
• 1 part water
• 1 part cornstarch
• Food coloring
• Container/cups for paint (ice cube trays or muffin tins work well)

What to do:
• Mix equal parts corn starch into equal parts water.
• Pour cornstarch mixture into containers.
• Add a few drips of food coloring into each different container. This is the perfect activity to work on colors, introducing them to primary colors and color mixing.
• Let your child swirl and mix the food coloring into the corn starch mixture. The corn starch can thicken at the bottom so make sure to stir well and stir often.
• Dip your paint brushes in and start having fun!